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- Solution for cases in which the sealing becomes a problem;

- Completely airtight system, designed for easy disassembly, maintenance simple, fast and efficient;

- Built in magnetic couplings Boron Neodymium, shielded stainless steel AISI 316L, providing an exceptional force of attraction.

- Bushings pure and virgin PTFE, ceramic or Alloy of tungsten carbide, ensuring total sanitariedade the process and eliminating the risk of contamination.

- Differential system, which involves the highest technology of agitation with a wide range of impellers available, optimized from CFD (computational fluid-dynamics), guaranteeing the best performance in agitation.

- Available for reactors up to 20,000 liters;

- Operates with mechanical gear motor and frequency inverter providing a high level of flexibility;

Magnetic Stirrers

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